$2.00 Off Coupon On Dove Clinical Protection Deodorant

Save $2.00 On Clinical Protection

Save $2.00 On Clinical Protection

Follow the link below to save $2.00 on your next purchase of Dove Clinical Protection. Just answer one question and click on ‘print coupon’.

The dermatologist-tested formulas of Dove Clinical Protection deodorant products deliver prescription-strength protection against wetness, yet remain delicate enough for under-arm skin. Clinical Protection Visibly Smooth Wild Rose contains Pro-Epil Complex with natural extracts and Dove 1 /4 moisturizers to minimize the visual appearance of under-arm hair over time. Clinical Protection, Energizing combines strong wetness protection with the energizing scent of grapefruit and lemongrass. Clinical Protection, Original Clean and Clinical Protection, Cool Essentials provide the ultimate combination of strength and beauty in two refreshing scents.

Use this coupon to get 3 times the wetness protection provided by ordinary deodorants – with none of the skin-irritation caused by ingredients included in most prescription anti-perspirants.  

Here’s the link to download the $2.00 off Dove Clinical Protection coupon. Please come back to this site to post any comments you may have about this offer!

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