$.55 Off Metromint Coupon

Save $.55!

In-Store Coupon: Save $.55!

Follow the link at the end of this post to the Metromint website to print an in-store coupon and save $.55 the next time you buy Metromint (just click on ‘Print Coupon’). 

Metromint is mintwater (pure water and REAL mint grown pesticide-free) that provides a wonderfully refreshing cooling sensation, soothes the stomach, calms, freshens breath and, of course, hydrates. It contains no sugar or sweeteners of any kind and uses the  essential oil from mint to give you all the health benefits and cooling sensation of this extraordinary herb.

Metromint is made of purified water and mint and is available in six varieties: Peppermint Water,  Spearmint Water, Lemonmint Water (with lemon essence), Orangemint Water (with orange essence), Chocolatemint Water (a rich, guilt-free treat made with pure water, cocoa essence, and real mint) and Cherrymint Water (a subtly sweet beverage made with pure water, real mint and cherry essence).

Here’s the link to instantly print a coupon for $.55 off your next Metromint purchase. Please come back to this site to post any comments you may have on this offer.

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