Febreze Coupons and Savings

Absolutely love this stuff! Febreze is a really quick and easy way to “clean” up the house. Especially when it starts to get that “pet” smell 🙂

Febreze is a very popular line of odor eliminator products from the Proctor & Gamble company. The spray was launched in 1998, and the line of products now includes air fresheners called Air Effects, fabric refreshers, plug-in oils called Noticeables, scented disks or “Scentstories”, odor eliminating candles and automotive air fresheners.  The original Febreze formula was developed in Plymouth, England and that formula, which uses cyclodextrin as a sprayable odor absorber, is patented by the Procter & Gamble company. With a dog, a cat, and two kids at home, Febreze is one of my go-to products! They have a big line of products, but my favorite would have to be the odor eliminating room spray, it really gets rid of that “doggie” odor quick. That being said, Febreze isn’t the cheapest product, so I’m always looking to find a great deal with coupons or sales. Febreze is a P&G […]


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