Manufacturer’s Coupon: $1.00 Off Bar-S Products

$1.00 Off Any Two (2) Packages Of Bar™ S Products

$1.00 Off Any Two (2) Packages Of Bar™ S Products

To print a coupon and save $1.00 on any two (2) packages of Bar-S™ products, please follow the link below to the coupon offer on their website. Enter your name and email address, click ‘submit’ and a link to download the coupon will be displayed. This coupon expires on 5/25/2010.

Bar-S is a leading manufacturer of processed meats in the U.S. They make over 100 meat products, from bacon and bologna to corn dogs and sausages, providing an extensive variety of flavors, as well as quality and value.  At Bar-S Foods, food safety is always a top priority and their food processing plants are among the most secure production facilities in the nation. They use only top quality USDA-inspected meats (ham, turkey, bologna, salami and luncheon loaves).

Use this link to save $1.00 on Bar-S products and please come back to post any comments you may have about the offer on this website!

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