Food Coupons – More Important Then Ever

If you are not feeling the pinch from high gas prices, you may not do any of the shopping in our home. Obviously, the price of gas is affecting how much people are going out and how far away they are going to go for vacation, if they go at all, but there is more to it. Think of it as a trickle down effect that is going to get you one way or another, even if you only ride a bike and haven’t owned a car or a truck for ten years. Food prices are going to go up, and have already started doing so, so think about food coupons to save money.

Because gas is used to bring so many things to the store where you shop, companies have had to raise prices on many things. You have to pay the difference. You may notice a few cents difference on many things, but that adds up when you check out a week’s worth of groceries. If you already use food coupons, you know you can save a lot, but you also know that it

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is more important than ever to use them now. If you have a grocery store that doubles or even triples food coupons, you should make sure you remain loyal to save the most money.

Don’t forget about food coupons that offer a rebate. You won’t save right away, but you can if you use them all for things that you need, not things that you want. When you can save a few dollars here and there, these food coupons are very valuable. The problem with these can be that some people redeem the rebates, but they then forget to cash the checks. That has happened to me on occasion. Save them as they come, and go to the bank once a month and get the money in one large sum.

Where you find your coupons is up to you, but you can take advantage of many sources. There is always your local Sunday paper. You can always find good deals within the pages. Don’t forget about the flyers that come in your mail from various stores, as they

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often have good deals as well. You can also go online to find coupons for groceries and many other household needs. All you have to do is print them out. Just remember that you should always use food coupons for things that you need. Buying things that you may not want just to save some money is not really saving anything at all.

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