How to Save Coupons Directly to Your Grocery Store Loyalty Card

add to store card

I really love and I will always recommend using them to find and print coupons you can use every time you go to the store. Now, it is even easier than before. Check out their article below…

Just when you thought saving money couldn’t get any easier…it has! gives you the ability to clip some coupons directly to grocery store loyalty cards. This technology makes saving even more money quite simply simple. No more forgetting your coupons at home. No more organizing coupons into a binder. You don’t even have to plan your shopping trip in advance. Just one swipe and you’re done.

First you need to connect your loyalty card to a account. Before you begin, either sign in or create one.
1. Go to the “ Loyalty Coupons ” tab at
2. Click the yellow “Add My Loyalty Card” button 3. Select the store you shop at. Stores near you should appear at the top of the list. 4. Enter your loyalty card number and click “Add”You’re done! Scroll through the loyalty card coupons and start clicking! Deals will be added right […]

add to store card

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